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Get ready to feel the Burn!
The IDLife Burn Bundle is a 30-Day product system designed to help energize your body, lean you out, and do life better! Offer valued at $228.94

What’s Inside:
Select YOUR fuel – whether it’s 4 Bags of Slim+, OR 4 Bags of Energy, OR 2 bags of each! (You pick your flavors).
1- Lean Capsule Bottle
1- Sleep Strip 30 Pack
Free samples to try additional IDLife products
Daily Tracker – Tracking daily activities will help you maximize your results.
Burn Guide- Your official guide to the Burn Bundle with tips for success & access to exclusive recipes!

How does the Burn Bundle Work?
The Burn Bundle combines Energy, Lean, Sleep, & Slim+ for the ultimate weight management system. This bundle helps provide a Sugar-Busting, Muscle- Building, Mood-Enhancing, Focus-Inducing, Energy-Boosting experience. Additional tools & resources such as recipes, menu options, a tracker, and program guide are included to assist you along your journey.

Don’t Lean and Slim+ do the same thing?
No. Lean is a BCAA supplement designed to support a healthy metabolism, increase thermogenesis, reduce sugar cravings and help build lean muscle.*

Isn’t caffeine bad for you?
One of the largest complaints from people on diets or trying to maintain their weight is the lack of energy. Caffeine is a natural substance that, taken in right quantities, has positive health benefits. Energy & Slim+ contain fast acting and time released caffeine which provide the morning pick-me-up you’re looking for, the afternoon sustained energy you need, and avoid the dreaded crash so many other products generate.

Why does SLIM+ contain green tea and not green coffee?
IDLife has a commitment to review and follow the science in all the ingredients it chooses for its products. After reviewing all the available research available on both green tea and green coffee, it was clear that green tea has been scientifically proven to have all the benefits people are looking for in a weight management product. Green Coffee, however, while promising, still lacks the support of the scientific community to carry the claims being made about its effectiveness.

Will these products make me feel jittery?
When taken in the right doses they should not make you feel jittery.

I have heart problems. Can I take this bundle?
Consumers with heart conditions are recommended to avoid all energy products, not just those manufactured at IDLife. Please consult your physician.

What is in the IDLife Sleep Strip & how does it work?
Inside the IDLife Sleep Strip is melatonin to help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and get deep, restorative sleep with increased REM sleep. 5-HTP releases critical brain neurotransmitters burned out by modern day stressors, increasing calm feelings of wellbeing. L-Theanine helps you to sleep for longer periods, awakening less often by feelings of anxiety, stress and fitfulness.


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