Skin Care Night Cream


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1- 1.5 oz Pump Bottle

Daily anti-aging moisturizing cream designed to renew, restore and revitalize your skin while you sleep.

Do your products contain any fragrance?

Our Skin Care products are completely fragrance-free.

What are Telomeres, and how do they work?

Located at the ends of the chromosomes in our DNA, Telomeres protect genetic data, which allows cell division. As we age, the telomeres shorten, and the cell cannot divide any longer, which essentially kills the cell. By limiting the shortening of telomeres, the replicative potential of the cells in fibroblasts (cells that synthesize collagen) is preserved, and skin aging is delayed.

How long should the products last?

This depends on multiple factors, including frequency of use, the volume of product used, and individual skin type.

Is this line okay for sensitive skin?

Yes, these products are designed for people with all skin types. Individuals with sensitive skin have found IDLife’s Skin Care Line to be friendly to their skin.

These products are best for what kind of skin types?

These products are designed for use with all skin types.

I have oily skin; do I still need to use the moisturizer?

Yes, it is very important to use a moisturizer with oily skin. A common misconception is that moisturizing will make your face oilier, but the fact is that without moisturizer, the face produces even more oil because it is trying to nourish itself. Providing the proper hydration to the skin with IDLife Day Cream is vital to healthy skincare.

Why do I use a different product at night than during the day?

The two products have different ingredients designed to serve a specific purpose depending on the time of day. The Day Cream is used for moisturizing and protecting the face. In contract, the Night Cream is for repair, regeneration, and deep moisturizing at night when the skin is not exposed to sunlight and is going through restorative phases.

Do you use animal testing on these products?

Do you use animal testing on these products?

Is this paraben-free?



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