Slim+ Sticks and Lean Power Couple Bundle


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It takes two! In use together, Slim+ & Lean are a sugar-busting, muscle-building, mood-enhancing, focus-inducing, energy-boosting, weight management power couple!*

Slim+ is a delicious formula designed to help you manage weight, lost fat, control your hunger and curb those unwanted sugar cravings while providing focus and energy to power through your day. Lean will help increase thermogenesis, maintain & build lean muscle, and properly fuel the body.
This power-couple bundle includes:
2- bags of Slim+ for a total of 30 Sticks of individually wrapped Slim+ powder in Fruit Punch, Cherry Splash, or Berry Lemonade
1- bottle of Lean containing 120 capsules OR 1 bag of Lean Drink Mix containing 30 sticks
Bundle and Save 5%

Don’t Lean and Slim+ do the same thing?
No. Lean is a BCAA supplement designed to support a healthy metabolism, increase thermogenesis, reduce sugar cravings and help build lean muscle.* When taken with Slim+, you have a Sugar-Busting, Muscle- Building, Mood-Enhancing, Focus-Inducing, Energy-Boosting, Weight Management Power Couple!

What is the primary purpose of Lean, and why did IDLife develop it?/strong>
As you age, your body goes into a catabolic state and eats away lean muscle. This common condition is called Sarcopenia. IDLife developed Lean to support the development and preservation of lean muscle mass. IDLife found that Lean also curbs sugar cravings and helps people burn more fat by boosting metabolism.*

Why did IDLife Develop Slim+?

Slim+ was designed to address a gap in existing weight management products on the market. Slim+ delivers #ThePlusDifference. By creating something that people WANT, while also giving them what they NEED, IDLife has once again raised the bar on a product category. When taken together, Slim+ and Lean create the revolutionary weight management duo.

Can I take Lean and Slim+ with other IDLife products?
Yes, all IDLife products are designed to be consumed and taken together.


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