Valentine’s Day DNA Bundle


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Be our Valentine! Enjoy $100 OFF your IDNutrition instantly when you purchase a DNA Kit & receive $40+ in IDLife Products for FREE!
Offer Valid from 2/08 – 2/14 at 11:59 pm PST or while supplies last.

What’s Inside:
1- IDLife Genetic Testing Kit
1- $100* INSTANT credit towards your 1st/next purchase of IDNutrition!
1- FREE bag of Orange Energy &
2 BONUS Gifts, Valued at $40+
1- Return Envelope with Pre-paid Postage
1- Genetic Testing Performed by Molecular Testing Labs (Over a $249.99 Value)
1- Personal Nutrition & Fitness Genetics Report

*Up to $100 will be deducted instantly from your IDNutrition total when you add DNA and IDNutrition to your shopping cart at the same time. If not used with your DNA purchase, your $100 credit for IDNutrition will be available for 6 months towards your next purchase of IDNutrition, following your DNA purchase.

What kind of information will I get from my Nutrition & Fitness Genetics Report?
Your results can help you better understand how your body might respond to certain diet choices and could help take your fitness regimen to the next level. Your report includes detailed and unique recommendations that can help you eat better, train better, and live better. Some of the topics covered by your report include: aerobic potential, muscle performance, weight regain after dieting, dopamine and food reward, and caffeine metabolism. Remember that this isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach to nutrition and fitness. Your IDLife DNA report is your personalized owner’s manual on how your body responds to diet and exercise based on your unique gene profile.

Do I have to pay for shipping back to the lab?
No. We will provide you with a pre-paid return shipping bag to send the sample back.

How is the sample collected?
You will use a cotton swab provided by our partner laboratory to collect cheek cells from the inside of your mouth

How can I get the instant savings towards my Personalized Vitamins (IDNutrition)?
You will see a credit instantly applied to your cart during checkout when you have IDNutrition and the DNA Bundle in your cart! If your IDNutrition total is less than $100, that is the amount you will see as savings during checkout. If the total is more than $100, it will deduct up to $100 and you will pay the rest

Can I return my DNA Bundle?
No, all purchases of DNA Bundles are non-refundable

Are you going to sell my data?
IDLife partnered with Molecular because they are a HIPAA Compliant and CAP accredited laboratory committed to keeping all of your data private and secure. We will never sell your data and personal information to a 3rd party. If your data is ever used for further research, all identifying information will be stripped away so that it could never be linked back to you in the future. However, it is extremely rare that such a situation would happen. You have the right to opt out of any further use of your data.

I’ve sent my swabs back to the lab. How long before I receive my results?
Most results are delivered within 3-4 weeks. If it has been more than four weeks and you still have not received results, please contact us at (972) 987-4430 or info@idlife.com, and one of our Customer Advocates will be happy to assist you.

What if I don’t use my instant savings at the time of my DNA purchase?
Your $100 credit will be available to use for up to 6 months after the date of your DNA Bundle purchase. It will be automatically applied to your next order of Personalized Vitamins (IDNutrition), including if you’re on subscription.

Can I use my $100 off towards a purchase other than IDNutrition?
No, your $100 credit can only be applied towards your Personalized Vitamins.

What if I want to buy DNA for a friend or family member?
If you would like to order a DNA Bundle and provide the $100* credit to a friend or family member as a gift, please call Customer Service at (972) 987-4430 to place this order. Or you can create a customer account for the gift recipient so they can take advantage of the instant credit.


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