Skills Checklists

Most, if not all, hospitals require you to know your nursing skills level, and we have added these Skills Checklists that are mandatory for you to complete as a term of your employment.  Completing these forms will help us highlight your skills, identify what area in healthcare delivery you are proficient in, and allow us to document your experience in your specialty. 

We highly recommend that you complete all of the checklists according to your nursing skills level. If you have special nursing skills that are not listed, please fill free to send us a message via the contact us form. 

Select your specialty from the list below, enter the necessary information on the form, and click submit. 

We will receive our completed skills checklist and attach them to your application in consideration of your employment with Curis Staffing. We look forward to working with you to find you the best possible position in your local area or your Travel Nursing career.