Alternative Hiring – Business Staffing Agency

One way to hire people, especially accounting, clerical, healthcare, laborer, or administrative staff, is to go through a business staffing agency. Many startup companies use this workforce to keep the operational cost low because you’re not paying benefits for this labor force. After all, they remain in the employment of the business staffing agency.


The most common way that business staffing agencies work today is that they will find a person for you and then charge you a premium on that employee\’s wages for three months. For example, if a person works at $12 an hour, the business staffing agency will assign him or her to you and charge you $18 per hour. This may seem high, but it\’s actually a reasonable amount. The person remains an employee of the staffing agency at any time you can let him or her go. You just call the business staffing agency and tell them you no longer want that person to come to work. You have no complications and no strings attached. At the end of three months, you can decide to keep the person on staff permanently. At this point, the business staffing agency lets the person go, and he or she becomes an employee of your business at a lower hourly rate.

Number one. Based on many years of research, two factors most adequately predict whether or not new employees will be successful. The first factor is that they really want the job.

  • They say to you; I want to work here. They like you. They like the company. They\’re excited about the job prospects.
  • They\’re positive about being able to make a valuable contribution.
  • They\’re optimistic about their future with your company and the new job.
  • They\’re excited about the possibility of working with you and the people in your company.
  • This desire to have this job is one of the very best predictors of future success.

Number two. The second factor that has been discovered is the need to start—them off strong when new employees begin. You set the tone and the standard for the job. From then on, from the first moment, new hires are most impressionable in the first few days of the job.

The best way to ensure that they will turn out to be excellent employees is to load them up with lots of work from the first day. They will associate working with you with working hard most of the time from then on. Get them working and keep them busy. From the first day, one of the greatest motivations for employees is challenging, interesting work. People may complain about how hard they work, but in their hearts, everyone wants to be busy all day long. The busier they are, the more they enjoy their work, the busier they are, and the faster the time flies. People hate to work at a job where they feel bored and uninvolved. When employees are not fully occupied all day long, they become clock watchers. They look forward to coffee breaks, lunches, and quitting time.

This is not a good situation for you to either create or allow. When you start a new person in your company, either you or someone else must work with that person hands-on. You must specify exactly what you want him or her to do. Teach him or her how to do it if necessary, and then put your new employees to work full time. Remember, people love to be busy.


The ability to delegate is one of the five key result areas of management. Fortunately, it is a skill that can be learned with practice. Delegation is an art as well as a science. Effective delegation requires time, thought, and careful consideration. It\’s something that you must learn to do if you want to leverage yourself to the maximum.


Number one. Delegation is to become perfectly clear about the result you desire from the job. The greater clarity you have with regard to the results expected, the easier it is for you to select the right person to do the job.

Number two. Select a person based on his or her demonstrated ability or success at doing this job. Never delegate an important job to a person who\’s never done it before. If the successful completion of the task is important to the success of your business, it\’s essential that you delegate to someone who you confidently believe can complete the task satisfactorily.

Number three. Explain to the person exactly what you want to be done. The result is that you expect the time and schedule you require and your preferred working method. The reason that you are in a position to delegate a task is that you have already mastered this task. Taking the time to teach and explain the best way to do the task based on your experience is an excellent way to ensure the task will be done as you wish and on schedule.

Number four. Delegating is to set up a schedule for reporting on progress. If it is an important task, set up a deadline for completion that is a day or a week before your actual deadline. Always build some slack into the system. Then check on the progress of the task regularly, very much like a doctor would check on the condition of a critical care patient. Leave nothing to chance.

Number five. Inspect what you expect. Delegation is not abdication. Just because you have assigned a task to another person does not mean you are no longer accountable. And the more important the task, the more important it is that you keep on top of it.