BONUS: Building Success Marketing

The most powerful and dynamic client attraction program ever created!

Everything You\’ve Ever Heard About Generating Leads For Your Business Is WRONG!

The E-Learning Marketing System was specifically created to provide all small business owners with the tools, resources, and support they need to build a multi-million profiting business.


Here are some tasks before you gain access to the world’s greatest marketing training system for small businesses.

  • Complete the Grant – If approved, it will save you $5,000 on our online business growth and marketing coaching program.
  • Request the 3 Biggest Mistakes
  • Watch e-Coaching System
  • Watch My Guided Tour
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  2. We urge you to watch my E-Learning Marketing System Guided Tour: The guided tour will give you an idea of what the e-learning marketing system/online marketing training program can do to help you continue your growth. It only takes less than 40 minutes of your time to learn how we can help you start to grow your business to greater success!
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    Building Success Marketing – E-Learning Marketing System


  1. Business Assessments – We conduct an online assessment of your business where you are currently both professionally and financially. Diagnosis current business to build a learning road map to place their business on the road to success – design their training program to jump-start their business to success. We help you increase your business income within 60 to 90 days.
  2. E-Learning Weekly Business Coaching Series – A step-By-Step process on how we continually help business owners build and successfully market their business to earn a million-dollar business.
  3. Quick Start Program – 10 areas within any business that can produce impressive streams of additional revenue simply by tweaking several basic areas within that business.
    1. Elevator Pitch – 10 seconds: An elevator pitch is where they can describe their business in 10 seconds or less… and do so in such a way that a prospect will instantly want to buy what they sell, 30 Seconds, 1 minute
    2. Business Card – Resource Templates – Front & Back of business to become a lead generation.
    3. Mini Video Series – to reinforce training every week.
    4. E-Learning Book – Sent to you weekly with the video series.
  4. Five-Step Profit Formula – focusing on 5 business growth areas: More Leads, More Conversions, More Transactions, Higher Prices, and More Profits
    1. More Leads – designed for startup businesses to generate more customers. Or businesses that want to increase their customer base.
    2. More Conversions – Show you how to convert all of your leads into paying clients.
    3. More Transactions – Businesses that have been in business for 5 years or more.
    4. High Prices – Command higher prices from your clients | Position your business to stop competing prices, but learn how to state your company’s value and benefits to your clients or customers to command higher pricing.
    5. More Profits – We provide you an entire array of profit-generating strategies that could skyrocket your business financially and eliminate your money worries forever – Research shows that most prospects don\’t become serious about buying until you market to them at least 6 times. Often existing and most businesses all but forget past customers and prospects. They assume that they will either come in or call when these people need something.
  5. Within each of the 5 Profit Formula areas, we break them into 4 major sections Fundamentals, Strategies, Tactics, and Resources.
    1. Fundaments – provide clients with a brief overview of that one specific area. It gives them a 30,000-foot overview of the fundaments they need to know. The strategy section contains the latest world-class strategies specifically designed to generate all the leads any business can handle.
    2. Strategies – Receive 40 powerful lead generation strategies to have you grow your business to increase networking and joint ventures strategies—direct Mailing Strategy. We have strategies for radio, TV, webinars, teleseminars, trade shows… even a step-by-step, paint-by-numbers strategy that will position any business that uses it on page one of Google within 30 days… GUARANTEED!
    3. Tactics – Each Strategy consists of a series of tactics; the same tactics we used to help many clients market their business to grow a multi-million dollar profiting business by generating more leads. How to design market-dominating websites, ethically steal our advanced website techniques, how we help you write persuasive marketing, learn our bulletproof marketing equation & dominate your market, how to design competition-crushing ads, how to make email marketing work for your business, how to use video marketing to compel action, how to set up an affiliate system to increase sales and more.
    4. Resources – include Libraries Templates for TV commercial ads, Brochures, Business Cards, Websites, SEO tools, Social Media, Headline Bank, Post Cards, Drop Campaign E-mails, and Ads Copies in the Marketing Library, Code of Ethics Guide, Flyers Newsletters, Sales Letters and much, much more.

The Profit and Business Growth Formulas in this training are based on many thousands of hours of study and research, market-tested. These key business growth strategies have helped many business owners grow successful businesses.
For your success! Coach Deon Huff