Business Startup Money – No Excuses

Everything in business can be expressed in financial terms. Getting the money you need on an ongoing basis is a key entrepreneurial function. Money is like oxygen to the brain. Without it, the organism dies. Money is like gasoline in the engine of your business on the way to wealth. Without it, the entire business sputters to a halt.
Many people hold back from starting a business because they say they don\’t have the money they require. They think that people who start businesses begin with a nest egg of many thousands of dollars. As a result of this misperception, they hesitate for years and years until finally, the dream dies.

Story: Have you heard the story about the kid that wanted to help his mother in the house with paying some bills. He collected unique rocks, painted them, and sold them around the neighborhood. Many kids are starting businesses that are becoming successful because they’re not operating in Fear! Moreover, they have not been filled with much doubt because they are still at the age where their parent or parent continue to feed their drive to growth and success. This nurturing is what we are adults to continue to build within ourselves.

Additionally, many grandmothers have helped a lot because the children and grandchildren dusted off an old recipe and then put it to work. And they started cookies companies and more. The two kids mentioned in this paragraph started a business from home with minimal money, and they put their mother out of a job because the cookie business grew into such a success that they had to hire a full-time staff. These and many more stories are kids using their creativity and parents stepping in help fuel that same creativity. Here is a list of some of these stories on YouTube. I am listing the title and URL just in case those channels are taken down in the future:

  1. Child CEO builds cookie company from scratch:
  2. Mr. Cory\’s Cookies | The Profit | CNBC Prime:
  3. Young brothers travel to promote the homemade cookie business:
  4. Small Business Success Story: Felix’s Famous Cookies:
  5. Chicago’s Best Giving Back 2: Felix’s Famous Cookies:

Let\’s Make Grandma\’s Cookies FAMOUS!:

Many kids, adults, and seniors start businesses with less than a $500 start-up cost. However, you must have these key money management foundations in the business to make it successful.

The fact is that many thousands of businesses started with only a few thousand dollars of investment. There are over a thousand businesses that you can start with $500 or less. Many multi-level and network marketing businesses allow you to start with a joining fee of $50+; Vitamins & Supplement Distributor in the health and wellness industry. One of the most successful MLM companies in the U.S. enables you to become a distributor for $49.95 are no excuses for not starting a business because you lack the capital to raise the money you need.

I will take a moment to do some business self-promotions in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Networking Marketing (NM) arena. At the end of the Module, you see a list of business opportunities and ways to make money. These business opportunities can help you raise additional income to start other businesses or build generational wealth. These businesses have allowed me to make millions in passive income, and I am sharing them with you.