Closing The Sale


  • In golf, they say you drive for show, but you play for dough.
  • In business, you manufacture, produce, market, advertise and sell for the show, but you get paid only when you close the sale.

Closing the sale is the most difficult and stressful part of the sales process, both for the salesperson and for the customer. Your ability to close smoothly and professionally is absolutely essential if you want to sell more of your product or service. Fortunately, closing is a skill that you can master with learning and practice. Hundreds of my coaching clients have doubled and even tripled their incomes by using the methods and techniques taught in this Module. And so can you.

The reason I am teaching you 23 closing techniques in the program ahead is simply this in the average sale, over 80 percent of sales are closed after the fifth attempt at closing. This means after the fifth time you have asked or given the prospect an opportunity to buy, only about 10 percent of salespeople know enough different closing techniques or ways of asking for the order and have enough ability to ask for the sale more than five times without giving up. The more closing techniques you know, the more likely it is that you will close the sale in the course of the sales interview. Good salespeople are made, not born. Most of the most successful salespeople in America or the world were at one time shy, insecure and clumsy at selling. They became great salespeople by learning and practicing the essential skills of selling, including how to close the sale. And if you do what they do, you\’ll be successful too. Nothing can stop you.

Now let\’s begin.

You are about to learn 23 of the most effective closing techniques ever discovered. But before we start talking about these closes, you must first master the antecedents to closing.

> Law: One of Murphy\’s laws is that before you do anything, you have to do something else first. Before you close the sale, you have to do several things first.