Customer Service System:

In order to market, advertise and sell effectively, you need to create systems that enable you to measure the effectiveness of everything you do.

  • You need systems that spell out exactly what each person will do and each customer contact.
  • You need written scripts so that everyone who answers the phone says pretty much the same thing. You need detailed plans so that every customer is treated in a warm, courteous, and professional fashion.
  • You need systems at every part of the business to ensure that every customer experience with you is excellent in every way.
  • You need a customer service policy that spells out on paper exactly how customers will be treated under every circumstance.
  • Your goal is to create the ultimate customer experience in every interaction.
  • Your goal with your customer service system is to ensure that people are delighted and amazed with their experience in dealing with you and your business. Business success is both simple and difficult. It is simple in that it consists of offering customers a product or service that they want, need, and are willing to pay for. It is simple, and all customers really ask us to be treated in a warm, friendly, and courteous manner.

Just as you would like to be treated if you were a customer, it is simple in that you give customers the services that they expect and then constantly strive to exceed those expectations. Selling is difficult and complicated because we are working in a fast-changing competitive world. Whatever you do today, that work will soon be copied by your competitor. Whatever you do today that is working will soon become obsolete and will have to be replaced by something better, faster, and cheaper. The good news is that you have all the talent and ability that you need to build and operate a successful business. You have all the intelligence and creativity you require to attract prospects to convert those prospects into happy customers and then to service those customers in such a way that they come back over and. Over again and bring their friends. By dedicating yourself to continuous and never-ending improvement in each of these areas, you virtually guarantee a healthy, growing, and prosperous business. You will stride confidently down the way to wealth.