Get Your Company Online

\"\"Test, test, test, and then test again until you find an advertising campaign that really pays off. Use the internet to boost your sales. You know, fully half of the sales in America or even more are being made on the internet or facilitated by the internet or delivered on the internet or bill on the internet. The sales that are not done directly via the internet will be preceded by market research on the internet before customers call on you or visit your place of business. The good news is that you can start a website quickly and inexpensively by using a website builder on or go to to hire one of their website developers to build you a more comprehensive and custom-designed website.

But whenever you do, register your business name as a domain name as quickly as possible, then set up a website with information about your products and services, very much like an electronic brochure. Put who you are and your web address on all of your material. Have an email address on your website so customers can get in touch with you and ask you questions. Keep your website updated regularly. Send email messages to your customers informing them of product or service specials. If you\’re not comfortable with computers and the internet run, don\’t.