Goal Of Marketing Your Business

Now let\’s talk about the goal of marketing. Marketing includes everything you do from the day you start into business, including choosing your name, your products and services, and every other element of the marketing mix, the 7P’s, right after the moment of selling. The purpose of marketing is to make selling unnecessary. If your marketing efforts were totally effective, your prospective customers would walk through the door with money in hand, ready to buy immediately, like the iPad sales when it first came out. Unfortunately, this seldom happens. Therefore, you need to bridge the gap between marketing to increase your customers, sales, and profits!
The very best that marketing can usually hope to achieve is excellent lead generation.

Good marketing can bring qualified prospects to your door, on your telephone, or visit a website. But from that point on, you now must convert that lead into a sale and get paid for that sale. So now let\’s talk about the selling process.