Have A Brand

But what is a brand in its simplest terms? A brand is a name or reputation that belongs to you. A brand denotes a particular quality and value that customers receive when they buy your product or service that they do not receive when they buy the product or service of some other company. The best definition of a brand that I\’ve ever found is that it is composed of two elements. One the promises you make and to the promises you keep. It\’s just like a personal reputation, which you build slowly act by act and word by word. Over the course of your lifetime, a brand is something that builds slowly and is affected by every customer. Contact. It usually takes many years to build a brand. Once the brand is built like a reputation, you must make every effort to ensure that nothing ever happens that compromises or weakens your brand image. So, what is your brand?

  • When people think of you or what you sell, what special value do they attach to your name on the product or service?
  • What do they expect to get if they buy from you rather than from someone else?
  • What is the special quality about what you sell that makes it different from or better than what is sold by anyone else? That is your brand.

The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer. The true measure of business success is customer satisfaction. The key to business success is to get people to buy from you, to buy again because you treated them so well the first time, and then to tell their friends to buy from you as well.

Your positioning, Your reputation, and Your brand all combined to leave an impression in the hearts and minds of your customers. The greater clarity you have with regard to these elements, the easier it is for you to create them and then maintain them for the long term. The ultimate question and measure of customer satisfaction are would you recommend us to others on a scale of 1 to 10? How enthusiastically would you encourage other people to buy from us based on your experience with us and our products or services as a business owner on the way to wealth? The process of branding begins with you. So, what is your personal brand?

  • What could it be?
  • What should it be in the future? Once you have determined who you are and what you want to be known for in the future, you can then look at your company and each product or service that you sell.
  • What kind of reputation do you have today?
  • What kind of a reputation will you have in the future?
  • What kind of a reputation should you have?
  • What kind of a reputation could you have?
  • What could you do starting today to build the kind of reputation that will cause people to buy from you, buy again, and tell their friends?

Each of these elements, fortunately, is under your control. Once you have decided on the impression that you want to make and leave in the hearts and minds of your prospects and customers, you can then begin to take the necessary steps starting now to create that impression. You must think about your positioning about the words that people use to describe you and think about how you can either improve or reinforce them. You must think about your reputation, about the way you are known to customers and non-customers, and think about how you could improve it. You must think about your brand. How about the promises you make and the promises you keep and think about how you could satisfy your customers at a higher level and with greater reliability? Finally, you must organize your business so that you operate with a high level of consistency and dependability. Your customers must know that they will get what they expected every single time. Your customers must trust and believe that in dealing with you, you always deliver on their expectations. Once your customers come to rely on you totally for the quality of your product and your excellent treatment of them, personally, you will begin to move faster and faster along the road to wealth.