Hire Slow And Fire Fast

Here\’s a key idea. Hire slow and fire fast. Fully 95 percent of your success will be determined by the people you hire to work for you in the early stages of your business. Your turnover will be very high, as much as 200 percent each year.
This is to be expected. The rule in this area is simply to hire slow and fire fast. The best time to fire a person is usually the first time it occurs to you. Always ask yourself if I had not hired this person, knowing what I now know, would I hire them back again today? If the answer is no, your only question is, how do I get rid of them fast?

  • Look for people with good attitudes and pleasant personalities.
  • Look for people who are willing to work hard.
  • Look for people that you like and enjoy.
  • Look for people who believe in what you are doing and who can become committed to your work.
  • And if you make a hiring mistake, let the person go as quickly as possible. One of the major reasons for small business failure is the inability to let go of an incompetent person for fear of hurting their feelings. Don\’t let this happen to you.