Seven Action Exercises All Business Is People Business

Now here are seven action exercises that you can use to apply what you have learned in this lesson.

Number one. Identify at least one business group or organization that you can join. Attend meetings regularly. Make networking with other business people a regular part of your business life.

Number two. Take the initiative in forming a mastermind group. Call three or four other people, either in your business or in other businesses, and invite them all for lunch at a casual restaurant.

Number three. Write out a plan for interviewing and hiring people in the future. Like a checklist? Follow it each time.

Number four. Determine your hourly rate and identify one or more jobs that could be done by someone who earns less than you. What kind of a person would be ideal for that job?

Number five. Look for persons with successful track records doing key jobs that you have to have done. How could you attract them to work for you?

Number six. Conduct the values, clarification, and exercise with your entire team, then mutually agree to live and work by the common values agreed to by everyone.

Number seven. Begin holding regular staff meetings to bring everyone together to talk, share and integrate as a team. This could be one of the most important steps you take in building your business.

You have completed Module 10 of 12. I will see you again in Module 11