Seven Action Exercises Or Ways To Accomplish More And Improve Your Productivity

Here are seven action exercises that you can apply to your life.

Number one. What are your three most important goals in your business life today? Write them down quickly. You have to be clear about these goals.

Number two. What one goal, if you could achieve it within 24 hours, would have the greatest positive impact on your business, your success, and your profitability. Whatever it is. Write it down. Make a plan and work on it every day.

Number three. What? One result. If you could get it immediately, it would help you the most to achieve your most important business goal. Write it down. Make a plan and work on getting that result all the time.

Number four. What one action could you take immediately that would help you to get the most important result that would help you to achieve your most important business goal.

Number five. What can you and only you do that, if done well, can make a real difference to your business.

Number six. Practice creative abandonment, and regularly use zero-based thinking. Ask yourself, is there anything that you were doing today that knowing what you now know, you wouldn\’t start up again today if you had to do it over? Whatever your answer to that question. Your next question is, how do you get out of it, and how fast?

Number seven. Continually ask yourself every minute of every day what is the most valuable use of my time right now?

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