Seven Action Questions Related To Products And Services

So now, here are seven action exercises for you. Seven questions that you need to ask and answer as they relate to Products and Services.

  • Number one. What exactly is your product or service in terms of how it benefits, helps, or improves the life or work of your customer?
  • Number two. Who is your exact customer, your ideal customer, your perfect customer in terms of age, income, location, position, education, and specific situation or need?
  • Number three. How are you going to attract ideal customers in terms of advertising, promotion, and other lead generation activities?
  • Number four. How are you going to sell your product or service in terms of convincing a skeptical prospect that they should buy from you right now? How do you produce packages to ship and deliver your product?
  • Number five. Once you have sold your product or services, ensure it, and the customer service is at a high level of quality.
  • Number six. How will you follow up and service your customer to ensure high satisfaction and repeat business?
  • Number question number seven, what is your plan to develop or discover new product or service ideas so that you can continually increase your sales and profitability?

Whatever you desire to sell, start doing it today. The best time to start is Today and the worst time to start is when everyone is selling the same products or services. Start immediately on selling and stay at it until you reach your goals.

You have completed Module 2 of 12. I will see you again in Module 3