Seven Action Exercises – Closing The Sale

Now here are seven action exercises that you can apply immediately.
One. Think through your entire selling process, from getting the appointment to closing the sale. How could you improve it based on what you have learned in this chapter?

Two. List three sales closing techniques from those described that you can adapt to your product or service.

Three. What are three changes you could make in your sales activities to increase your credibility with your prospects?

Four. List the five best features and benefits of your products or services that make them superior to those of your competitors.

Five. There are three ways to overcome initial sales resistance when you\’re attempting to get an appointment.

Six. Get three ways to reply when the customer says I can\’t afford it or otherwise shows price resistance.

Seven. What is the best way to reply to a prospect who says I want to think it over?

You have completed Module 7 of 12. I will see you again in Module 8