Seven Action Exercises – Learn How To Become A Master Negotiator

Now here are seven action exercises for you to put these ideas to work.

Number one. Make a list of the three areas in your business or personal life where you negotiate the most often. How would you improve your results in each of these areas?

Number two. What are three types of power that you could develop in an upcoming negotiation?

Number three. What are the three main advantages of preparing thoroughly in advance of a negotiation?

Number four. What are three motivators that each person has in any negotiation?

Number five. List three tactics that you could use in a negotiation to improve your bargaining position and the results you achieve.

Number six. Review the deals you are in today and determine which of them you should go back and renegotiate.

Number seven. Practice negotiating daily by continually asking for better tables in restaurants, better prices when you are selling or buying, and better terms in every purchase or contract.

Never be afraid to ask.

A book I read some years ago called: How To Get Whatever You Want, By M.K. Kopmeyer, gave me enormous insight on how to and not to be afraid to ask anyone for anything. In the four books I read from this author, there was a chapter in each book that relates to this simple word, ASK!

“Ask!….and you shall succeed! Those who Find Out Get Richer… Faster and Quicker”

Again, don’t be afraid to ask!

You have completed Module 8 of 12. I will see you again in Module 9