Seven Questions To Ask To Put Action Steps In Place – Selling Your Way To The Top

Here are seven questions you can ask to put these ideas into action.
Number One. List three reasons why a prospect should buy from you rather than from one of your competitors.

Number Two. What are three things that you could do each day to ensure that you eventually become one of the best salespeople in your industry?

Number Three. What are your three most important goals in life, business, and personal right now?

Number Four. What are the three essential tasks you must carry out each day to ensure high levels of sales for your company?

Number Five. List three activities in the 1000 percent formula that you\’re going to start doing every day.

Number Six. In what three ways could you position yourself as a consultant in every customer conversation?

Number Seven. Why one skill would help you the most to increase your sales and your income, and what is your plan to develop that skill?

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