Take Action And Be Action-oriented

The most important part of this session is what you decide to do as a result. All successful people and entrepreneurs are action-oriented. They are constantly in motion. They are busy all the time. To become action-oriented, you must develop a sense of urgency. It\’s what you do now that determines your future. This is the greatest time in all of human history to be alive. There have never been more opportunities for more people to make more money and to achieve financial independence than now. Nothing in the world can stop you from becoming a millionaire or even a multi-millionaire in your business other than yourself. When you learn and do what other successful people have done, as we will teach you in this program, you will soon get the results that other successful people get.
There are no limits. Here are seven action exercises that you can do to apply this information.

  • Number one. Determine what business you are really in. What is your product or service? Achieve, avoid or preserve for your customer?
  • Number two. Identify your competitive advantage; your USP. Why should someone buy from you rather than from your competitor?
  • Number three. Focus on sales every day. What could you do to increase the quantity and quality of your sales today?
  • Number four. Who is your ideal customer? Where is he or she, and why do they buy from you or from your competitor?
  • Number five. Look before you leave. Develop a complete business plan before you start and then upgrade every year.
  • Number six. Use your time wisely! Well, always focus on the most valuable use of your time right now.
  • Number seven. What one activity could have the greatest positive impact on your business right now.

Whatever it is. Start immediately on that task and stay at it until it\’s 100 percent complete.

You have completed Module 1 of 12. I will see you again in Module 2