The Five Keys To Starting A Mastermind Group

The keys to starting and running a mastermind group are simple.

Number one.
Select only people who are positive and successful, people you like and admire and would enjoy spending time with

Number two.
At the mastermind meeting. You can start things off with a general question, such as How is everything going with everybody this week?

Number Three.
You can also structure a mastermind meeting around a specific question, such as What is the best way that you are found to keep your customers coming back?

Number four.
You can\’t select a book either once a week or once a month that everyone can read and discuss. Someone would accept the responsibility for ordering the books, and everyone would pay their share of the cost.

Number five.
You should all agree that one person will be the mastermind leader when you get together. This person can alternate each time. It\’s this person’s job to ensure that every member gets a chance to speak. That no member dominates the conversation, which can easily happen. The group leader should keep the conversation moving and keeping it positive. Each member should be open and committed to the growth and well-being of each fellow member. You can start a mastermind group with two people. Perhaps the best mastermind of all is a husband and wife working together in complete harmony, both positive and committed to the success of the other.

We have found that the ideal number for a mastermind group is 6 to 8 below that number. You\’re not getting the full value of the synergy of enough minds above that number. It becomes more difficult for each member to contribute to the group. Remember, ideas are the keys to your future. The more ideas you generate, the more people in various ways, and the more likely you will get the right idea at the right time. And one idea is all you need to dramatically increase your speed on the road to wealth and building your business.