The Law Of Three In Working And Completing Tasks

The Law of Three. There are five to seven key result areas for every job.
Sell them more. These are the things that you absolutely positively must do in order to get the results that are required of you. What are your key result areas? There are many things that you do in your work, day in and day out. If you were to make a list of all your tasks and activities for a week or a month, you might come up with 20 or 30 functions that you perform in your job. The Law of Three applies to your work, however, it says that of all the things you need to do, there are only three tasks that contribute 90 percent or more of your value to your company and your job. Everything else that you do is a support task or a complementary task. You do it as a part of your job, but it does not contribute most significantly to your value. What are your three main tasks?

In our business consulting and growth advanced coaching and mentoring program, I teach a simple way to determine what a person does that contributes the most value to his or her work and life.

First, we have each person list all the things that he or she does in a month at work. We then have each person review his or her list and ask this question if I could only do one thing all day long, what one task on this list would contribute the most value? The answer to this question will usually jump out at you. Once you have determined the one thing, put a circle around that task. You then ask if I could only do two things on this list all day long. What would be number two? Put a circle around your answer to that question as well. You then ask this question one more time if I could only do three things on this list all day long. What would be the third task that contributes the most value to my work in my business?

These three tasks constitute your big three. These are the tasks that you absolutely positively have to do and do well to make a maximum contribution to yourself, your job, and your career. These are the three tasks that make the greatest difference and have the most significant consequences whether you do them or not.