The Purpose Of A Business Organization

The purpose of a business organization is to maximize strengths and to make weaknesses irrelevant. It is to bring together people, are complementary talents, and combine their talents to produce a greater result than the same individuals ever could working alone. Every competent person, including you, has more weaknesses than strengths. There are more areas in which you are average or mediocre than areas in which you are good or excellent. Your job is to identify those few things that you do extremely well or can do extremely well, and then hire other people to do those things that they do extremely well.

There is almost always a choke point or bottleneck, sometimes called the limiting factor, that determines the speed at which you achieve a particular goal. Most likely, the limiting factor in your business growth will be your ability to attract and keep excellent people to perform key functions that are not among your major strengths. It takes time to find, interview, and select good people, but it can be one of the best time savers of all. One good person in a key job can help move your company ahead rapidly and free you up to do those critical tasks that only you can perform.