Vital Functions Concept In Business

I have taught the vital functions concept in my advanced business growth coaching program. This principle is based on the fact that vital functions in the human body indicate life. Heart rate. Blood pressure. Muscle tone, Brainwave Activity, and so on. An absence of any of these vital functions is the clinical definition of death. In the same sense, there are certain vital functions sometimes referred to as key result areas or key success indicators that determine the life or death of an enterprise.

Here\’s the point If you desire to improve your muscle tone by exercising every day, what do you think would happen to your pulse rate and blood pressure? The answer is that as you concentrated on improving in one area, you\’d automatically improve in other areas as well. If you exercise for 30 to 60 minutes each day, your resting pulse rate will improve. Your blood pressure would decline. Your muscle tone would be firmer, and your entire body would function better.