Why Do People Buy

It is very important to understand why people buy products and services!

  • People buy benefits, not products.
  • People buy solutions to their problems, not services.
  • People buy in anticipation of being better off because of your product or service, and they would have been without it.
  • Customers buy the feeling that they anticipate enjoying after buying what you are selling.

You must be crystal clear about how your product or service will improve their situation and their emotions before you think of bringing your product or service to market or right in the first word of advertising or sales copy.

Here\’s the great question that you must ask and answer continually throughout the life of your business. This larger question includes every small question to which you must know the answer. Whenever you have a problem in your business of any kind, it is because one of these questions has not been answered or has been answered incorrectly. Here is this great question that a business owner needs to know when selling anything to customers.