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The Business Start-up Success Masterclass course has been divided into 12 Modules. Designed for the people looking to start a business. This course gives you practical and expert knowledge in a step-by-step approach to address the skills and knowledge required to launch a successful business.

Table of Contents

Module 1: Introduction to Business StartUp Success Masterclass – Business Plan
  1. Introduction by Coach Deon Huff
  2. Learning and Reading To Educate Yourself
  3. Seven Steps To Achieving Your Goals
  4. Business Ideas – Start With Yourself
  5. Determine Your Mission
  6. Business Requirements
  7. Reasons A Business Fail
  8. Marketing Mix – 7 Ps
  9. Entrepreneurship and Money – Cash Flow and Credit
  10. Hire Slow and Fire Fast
  11. Seven Secrets of Business Success
  12. Take Actions and Be Action-Oriented
Module 2: Product and Service
  1. Products and Services Key Parameters
  2. Business Trouble and Weakness – Related to Product or Service
  3. How Do You Find A New Product or Service
  4. Business Research
  5. Marketing Principle – Rule of Three
  6. Why Do People Buy
  7. Eight The Sales Questions
  8. Three Final Questions Regarding Product and Service
  9. Seven Action Questions Related To Products And Services
Module 3: Planning for Profitability
  1. Twelve Key Areas That Determine Your Business Growth
  2. Seven Strategic Planning Question – Tactics
  3. Business plan Table of Contents
  4. Systematize Your Business activities is the key to success and massive growth
    • Lead Generation
    • Lead Conversion
    • Product or Service – Operation
    • Delivery System
    • Service System and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Accounting System
    • Hiring, Training, and Personal
  5. Economic Denominator
  6. Summary: Seven Action Exercises
Module 4: Marketing, Selling, and Customer Service
  1. Marketing Mix – The 7 P’s In Sales and Lead Generation
  2. Three Strategic Marketing Principles
  3. Advertising Your Business: KEY – FORMULA – CLOSE
    • Write Effective Advertising
    • Three-Part Formula For Effective Advertising
  4. Goal of Marketing Your Business
    • Prospecting
    • Rapport & Trust
    • Identifying Needs
    • Presentation
    • Answering Objections
    • Closing the Sale
  5. Four Levels Of Customer Service
    • Meet Expectations
    • Exceed Expectations
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Amaze Your Customers
  6. Customer Services System
  7. Summary: Seven Action Exercises or Questions
Module 5: Winning the Hearts and Minds of Your Customers
  1. Business Differentiation
  2. Set Aside A Sale
  3. Reputation Is Everything
  4. Customer Definition Of Quality
  5. Have a Brand
  6. Summary: Seven Action Exercises – Winning the hearts and minds of your customers
Module 6: Selling your way to the Top
  1. Becoming The Most Productive, Best, And Highest-Paid Salesperson
  2. Three Attitude of The Top Salespeople
  3. Four Parts To The New Sales Model – Relationships are everything!
  4. Four Keys To Selling Strategically
  5. The Law Of Incremental Improvement
    • 1,000 Percent Formula
  6. Seven Steps To Achieving Goals
  7. Seven Questions To Ask Yourself To Double Your Productivity
  8. Seven Questions To Ask Yourself To Put Actions Steps In Place – Selling Your Way To The Top
Module 7: Closing the Sale
  1. Two Psychological Antecedents To Closing
    • Enthusiasm – Constrained Enthusiasm
    • Confident Expectancy
    • Qualifying Prospect
    • Fear of Rejection
  2. Twenty-Six Closing Techniques
  3. Seven Actions Exercise – Closing The Sale
Module 8: Learn How to Become a Master Negotiator
  1. Master Negotiator – Prices, Terms & Rules
  2. The Principle of Maximization
  3. The Principle of Expediency
  4. The Principle of Futurity
  5. The Principle of Win-Win or No Deal in a successful negotiation
  6. The Principle of Unlimited Possibilities
  7. The Law of Four
  8. The Principle of Time Preference
  9. The Principle of Timing
  10. The Principle of Terms
  11. The Principle of Preparation
  12. The Principle of Authority
  13. The Principle of Reversal
  14. The Principle of Power
  15. Five Types Of Power in Negotiation
    • Power of Indifference
    • Power of Authority
    • The Power of Expertise
    • The Power of Empathy
    • The Power of Rewarding or Punishing
  16. The Principle of Desire
  17. The Principle of Reciprocity
  18. The Walk Away Principle
  19. The Principle of Finality
  20. Seven Actions Exercises – Learn How To Become A Master Negotiator
Module 9: Finance in Your Business – Never Run Out of Money!
  1. Business Start-up Money – No Excuses
  2. Charting A Course
  3. Business Plan Critical Factors
  4. Fourteen Ways to Finance The Start of Your Business
  5. Five Factors Banks Look For To Loan Money – The Five C’s
  6. Seven Action Exercises To Financing Your Business

Bonus: Business Opportunities To Help With Raising Revenue – Start One Business To Fund Another.

Module 10: Achieve Success Through People Business
  1. Achieve Success Through People
    • Networking
    • Mastermind
    • Hiring
    • Firing
  2. The 5 Key To Starting A Mastermind Group
  3. Replace Your In Your Business – Never Do Work That Someone Else Can Do At A Lower Rate!
  4. The Golden Triangle Approach to Hiring: How can you find the Best Talent!
    • The Law of Three In Hiring
  5. Alternative Hiring – Business Staffing Agency
  6. Effective Delegation In Business Management
  7. Managing and Motivating In Business
  8. Building Your Team
    • Five Qualities Of Top Teams
  9. Finding The Best People
    • Hire Slow & Fire Fast
    • The Law of Attraction
    • The Law of Correspondence
  10. Seven Action Exercises All Business Is People Business
Module 11: Ways To Accomplish More And Improve Your Productivity
  1. 1. Four Key Points To Managing Your Time
  2. 2. Three Situations In Your Business, Life and How To Master Them
    • 3. The Law Of Three In Working and Completing Tasks
    • – Three Questions To Ask When Completing Tasks
  3. 4. Four-part Formula For Managing Paper
  4. 5. Managing Technology
  5. 6. Four Ways To Change Your Business And Life
  6. 7. The Purpose Of A Business Organization
  7. 8. Seven Ways To Increase Your Productivity
  8. 9. Powerful Time Management Techniques
    • – Single Handling
    • – Incomplete Action
  9. 10. Seven Way To Accomplish More and Improve Your Productivity
  10. 11. Seven Action Exercises or Ways To Increase Your Productivity
Module 12: Profits and Balancing your Work and Personal Life
  1. Value Creation Chain
  2. Value Creation Determination
  3. Vital Functions Concept In Business
  4. Seven Key Areas of Selling
  5. Three Ways To Increase Sales
  6. Strategy To Think About – Joint Venture And Strategic Alliances
  7. Specific Strategies To Increase Profit
    • Lead Generation
    • Lead Conversion
    • More Transactions
    • Profit-making is the size of each transaction
    • Increase your profits is profit margin per sale
    • Profit-making is the cost of customer acquisition
    • Increasing customer referrals
    • Increasing profits eliminate costly services and activities
    • Profit-making is outsourcing business activities
    • Reduce people’s costs
    • Reduces fixed costs
    • Increase variable costs
    • Profit-making reduced your break-even point
    • Increase your profits is to raise your prices
    • Increase in your profits is constraint analysis
  8. Seven Actions Exercise To Increase Profits
  9. Balancing Your Work And Personal Life
  10. Seven Habits To Live Longer
  11. Two Positive Health Habits
  12. Two Major Areas Of Balance Needed
    • Physical
    • Emotional Life
  13. Discovery of the Self-Concept – Three Parts
    • Your self-ideal
    • Your self-image
    • Your self-esteem
  14. Take Actions and Be Action-Oriented
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Author:Coach Deon Huff, MHRD, MMGMT, CBC, CHC, CLC