Your Self-esteem

The third part of your self-concept is your self-esteem. Your self-esteem can be defined as how much you like yourself and respect yourself. It\’s your reputation with yourself. It\’s how you think about yourself relative to the rest of the world. It\’s the emotional component of your self-concept and is more important than any other factor. Your level of self-esteem determines how enthusiastic and excited you feel, how happy you feel, how positive you feel, how well you get along with other people, and your overall level of satisfaction.
Psychologists have come to the virtually unanimous conclusion that your self-esteem is the real measure and monitor your personality. How much you like yourself largely determines everything that happens to you in your interactions and relationships with other people. And what is the key to high self-esteem? The key is simply this; when your behaviors and values are consistent, your self-esteem goes up. When your ideals and values are clear, and when the qualities and behaviors that you most admire are the same qualities and behaviors that you practice with others, you like yourself better, respect yourself more, and feel happier.

Your activities and values are congruent whenever your inner world and your outer world are in alignment. Whatever your activities are in balance with your highest values, you feel terrific and perfectly centered in your life. If you say and do one thing that you admire and respect another set of behaviors, you feel unhappy and dissatisfied. You feel out of balance. You feel a sense of incongruence. To enjoy a sense of balance and equilibrium in your life, feel happy and fulfilled, and function at your very best is not easy. It requires effort. It requires that you think through who you really are and whom you want to be.

Achieving balance requires that you do more of the things consistent with the actions of the very best person that you can imagine yourself becoming and that you stop doing and saying things inconsistent with your highest ideals and aspirations. You achieve a better sense of balance by, first of all, determining your values in each area of your life. Define your values regarding your health, relationships, work, interactions with other people, and money.

Then examine your behaviors and the things you do, and honestly identify what you\’re doing and saying inconsistent with these values. Then resolve to change them one by one and align your behaviors with your convictions. You start to feel wonderful about yourself. You start to feel more in balance. You start to feel happier and healthier and align with the best elements of your character and personality. Just as a car with perfectly aligned and balanced wheels runs smoothly down the highway, you will also run more smoothly down the highway of your life when you\’ve taken the time and made an effort to bring everything that you do and say into balance and alignment with a very best person you can be.

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