Weight Loss Stack


The IDLife Weight Loss stack is a great option to help you achieve your weight loss goals. These products were designed to help you manage your weight, control your hunger, and build lean muscle.

The Weight Loss Stack includes:
1 Shake Bag (15 Servings)
1 Slim+ 15 Pack
1 Lean Drink Mix or Jar
1 Sleep Strip 30 Pack
1 Hydrate 15 Pack*

What kind of protein is in the Shake?
We use a proprietary blend of whey isolate, whey concentrate, and whey peptides from hormone-free, grass-fed cows. This gives our Shake a “cleaner” taste and reduces digestion issues such as water retention, stomach cramping, lethargy, and other uncomfortable conditions associated with cheaper protein brands.

Why did IDLife develop Slim+?
Slim+ was designed to address a gap in existing weight management products on the market. Slim+ delivers #ThePlusDifference. By creating something that people WANT, while also giving them what they NEED, IDLife has once again raised the bar on a product category. When taken together, Slim+ and Lean create the revolutionary weight management duo.

What is in the IDLife Sleep Strip? How does it work?

Each Sleep Strip contains Melatonin, L-Theanine, and 5-HTP. Melatonin helps you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and get a deep, restorative sleep with increased REM sleep. 5-HTP releases critical brain neurotransmitters burned out by modern-day stressors, increasing calm feelings of wellbeing. L-Theanine helps you to sleep for longer periods, awakening less often by feelings of anxiety, stress, and fitfulness.

Don’t Lean and Slim+ do the same thing

No. Lean is a BCAA supplement designed to support a healthy metabolism, increase thermogenesis, reduce sugar cravings and help build lean muscle.* When taken with Slim+, you have a Sugar-Busting, Muscle- Building, Mood-Enhancing, Focus-Inducing, Energy-Boosting, Weight Management Power Couple!

Why is Hydrate better than other sports drinks on the market?

Unlike competing sports drinks, Hydrate contains all the essential nutrients with NO sugar!


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