Balancing Your Work And Personal Life

Let\’s talk now about balancing your work and personal life.
“This may be the most important subject of all; W.E.B. Dubois once said the return from your work must be the satisfaction that work brings you and the world\’s need for that work. With this life is heaven or is near heaven, as you can get.”

  • QUESTION: Here\’s a question what do you want to be when you grow up? What do you really want to be?

That may sound like a very simple, if not silly, question, but it goes right to the heart of the most important things you\’ll ever deal with. It\’s amazing how many of us put off our real lives until something else happens.

Laurence Jharrel, the author of the Alexandria Quartet, one of the bestselling books of its time, wrote I do not write for those who have never asked themselves this question. At what point does real life begin? The most important indicator that you have decided that real life has already begun is your commitment to achieving and maintaining balance in every part of your life.

In this final session, I want to share with you some ideas with regard to balance as it affects all areas of your life, including and especially your family. Balance is essential for happiness. Therefore, you must be in the driver’s seat at all times. You must know how you wish for your life to play out daily, so you can live a life of abundance. Successful people have a clear direction on where they are at now and where they wish to be in 2, 5,10, and 20 years from now; there is NO guesswork!

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Title: Take Control Of Your Life.
Subtitle: Live A Life Of Abundance Like The Rich
By: Coach Deon Huff

In this sense, the words balance and alignment mean the same thing very much. If your car’s wheels are out of alignment, they will start to wobble and shake, and your entire car will vibrate. If the imbalance goes on for too long, the wobbling will wear down the bearings, and the axles on a wheel might even fall off, causing a serious accident.

In your life, the same principle applies if your life is out of balance or out of alignment for very long. Your relationships and your work begin to suffer. Just as your car begins to vibrate and your wheels begin to wobble, your life makes you stressed, anxious, and frustrated. Your overall goal should be to be happy. It should be calm, confident, and relaxed and to feel in complete control of every aspect of your life, just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and further when your wheels are in perfect alignment. You perform better in every area of your life when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are also aligned. Nature demands balance in all things. You see balance all around you, from the most distant stars in the universe right down to the individual cells of your body.

Each of your billions of cells contains hundreds of chemicals. Each of which is carefully regulated and kept in balance by your autonomic nervous system to ensure your health and longevity; an imbalance leads to illness and disease. The wonderful thing is that balance is the norm in your life. Your body has a natural bias toward health and energy. It is built to last for 100 years and perform smoothly and efficiently for most of that time. It is only improper maintenance and incorrect operation that, in most cases, causes your body to get out of balance and leads you into disease and pain rather than ease and pleasure. Emotionally you also have a natural bias toward happiness and satisfaction. In fact, you have a natural barometer inside of you that tells you when you are doing the things that are just right for your unique personality and temperament.

This is your inner voice, your intuition, and it focuses on helping you achieve peace of mind. Whenever you feel at peace with yourself and the world around you, you know that you are doing the very things you are meant to do and that your inner and outer worlds are properly balanced and in alignment with each other. There is a Law of Correspondence that has been written about throughout all the ages. It says simply that your outer world will reflect your inner world. This law says that almost everything that happens to you on the outside occurs due to something happening to you on the inside.

Your relationships, your attitude, the amount of money you make, and your physical health are largely determined by how you think and feel and respond to the world around you. In this sense, you are very much responsible for the outer aspects of your life because you control the inner attitudes of your mind. This Law of Correspondence is unbreakable and unavoidable. But it is a two-edged sword. Just as it explains why things go right in your life and point the finger clearly at you when things go wrong. Your chief responsibility and achieving balance is to ensure that your inner world is consistent with what you want to enjoy and experience in your outer world, and this is completely up to you.

Your normal, natural, healthy state of being in life is to experience joy and laughter in most of what you do. The measure of how together you are as an individual is easily taken by looking at how often you laugh at what is going on around you.

In fact, the percentage of time that you have a positive mental attitude toward yourself and toward the normal ups and downs of your life is a measure of your degree of mental health.

People who are pessimistic, negative, and who see the dark side of the things that happen to them are suffering from a mild but nevertheless debilitating form of mental illness.

If a person is negative for too long, negativity becomes a habitual pattern of thought and action. The individual soon sees the world through lenses tinged with pessimism, unhappiness, skepticism, and suspicion. You can maintain better balance levels by developing the habit of looking for the good in people and situations around you. By disciplining yourself to, look for the valuable lesson in each difficulty you face. You take full control of your conscious mind. You see the world more optimistically and constructively by seeing your world the way you want it to be. You find your whole world becoming more and more balanced with the kind of life you want to live.