Course Introduction

Deon and Building Success Marketing present: Business Start-up Success Masterclass – The Blueprint To Starting A Successful and Profiting Business. This e-class has been designed to give you coaching on starting a successful business at a fraction of the cost of my one-on-one coaching program. In essence, my private business coaching is presented online in an organized way. Affordable, life-changing, and business success programs are your pathway to greater success.

Hello and welcome to Business Start-up Success Masterclass – The Blueprint To Starting A Successful and Profiting Business. What you\’re about to learn can change your entire business life, increase your sales, boost your profits, and enable you to achieve all your personal and financial goals in your new business venture. Over the past 15 years, I\’ve worked with more than 100\’s business start-ups owners to help them grow successful businesses.

This e-class training has been prepared to teach you how to grow a business from conception to massive profits. I will teach you how to start a great business and teach you strategies to make it successful.

Unlike other course creators, I have personally started over 12 businesses with associated websites and grew them to make millions! My company operates 5 Divisions:

  1. Business Coaching & Consulting (Business Growth, Business Transformation, and Marketing)
  2. Health and Wellness (Life Coaching, Health Coaching, and Health Transformation)
  3. Personal Services: (Branding, Credit Repair & Restoration, Marketing, Publishing, and Website Design & Development)
  4. Training Development (Life Success, Financial Management, Growth Development, Management Development, and Wealth Building).
  5. Travel Agency (Host Agency, Home-Based Travel Agent, Independent Booking Agent, and Travel Affiliate)

I served 25+ years in the U.S. Navy as a Naval Officer and Healthcare Executive, where I developed many people into successful leaders and helped them realize their true human potential. I\’ve invested over 15,000 hours of reading, researching, reviewing books, writing over 250+ eBooks in numerous subject matters, writing articles, and listening to over 500 audiobooks. I purchased and watched numerous business growth videos from the top coaches and leaders and attending webinars and seminars since 2000 to build my knowledge base and help others build successful businesses. I have a bachelor\’s degree in Health Administration and Management and two Master\’s degrees in Business Management and Human Resources Development from several universities. I am a certified Business, Health (Nutritionist, Organic Lifestyle, Plant-Based & Supplements Specialist), and Life Coach that has developed practical, proven ideas, strategies, and techniques that I use in my businesses and joint ventures to increase sales and profitability.

I have helped, mentored, and trained 100\’s entrepreneurs like you to grow multi-millions in profit within 18-24 months by teaching them how to build a strong foundation, learn how to effectively market their businesses, gain greater confidence, and manage any business from start to profits.

Over the years, the results have been extraordinary. Many new businesses that were struggling have seen their sales jump as much as 50 or 75 percent within 6 months after completing one of my online training programs. This can happen to you as well. In our fast-moving world, one of the most important things you can do for business success feeds your mind reasonably successful practices, proven lead-generating strategies, and continuous improvement in your business, life, and personal growth. These practices alone will set you apart from your competition. The good news is that all the answers have been found. You don\’t need to reinvent the wheel. All you need to do is find out the best practices of the most profitable companies and do it better. Furthermore, this course and all the other courses, eBooks, training, and webinars will assist you in your overall growth. We are a Human Potential Growth and Success Company!

Here\’s the great rule: if you do what other successful businesses do and do it over and over again, nothing can stop you from eventually getting the same results that they do. This is not a theory. It is all combined in these “Laws.”

  • It\’s the Law of Cause and Effect.
  • The Law of Action and Reaction.
  • It\’s the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

In every study that has been conducted over the years into the reasons for business success, the most important single factor has always been the knowledge and skill of the entrepreneur. When you improve your ability to make better decisions and take better actions, you will immediately begin to enjoy results out of all proportion to your efforts.

As you work through the lesson within this course, be sure to pause to make sure you fully understand the content and whenever you hear some nuggets or a good idea. Write it down if you like, think about it.

Consider how you can use it in your own business. Accompanying this program is a PDF outline with every key point from every module written out so that you can easily review it and think of ways to apply it to your business activities. You don\’t need to take notes.

In addition to this program, you can purchase our online e-Learning Marketing System Business Growth Program. This program will receive access to a multi-million dollar video-based internet-delivered training series that you can use to learn how to market your business like the big corporations and train your marketing staff. These are the same programs that I have charged larger companies $50k to access this business-changing learning program. Once you sign up for this world-class training, you can complete a technical assessment/roadmap that enables you to quickly learn how to market any business on the planet or in space! You will be able to assess your company’s business marketing and receive a personalized, tailored learning program, starting with your weakest area that you have identified and moving forward through the full 52-week marketing training.

Each week you will learn key principles, strategies, and tactics that enable you to apply these ideas immediately to your existing business, plus one action commitment that you can take immediately to get better results. Below are the key training areas in our Advanced Business Growth and Marketing Training; once completed, you will learn how to grow any business on Earth. The knowledge to receive will ensure you gain massive business growth using our most Powerful and Dynamic client attraction program ever created!

  1. Business Assessments
  2. E-Learning Weekly Business Coaching Series
  3. Quick Start Program
  4. You will learn how to Get More Leads, More Conversions, More Transactions, Charge Higher Prices, Get More Profits, and Build A Million Dollar Business.
  5. You will learn the Five-Step Profit Formula To Marketing any business to grow multi-million dollar profits.

Our mission is to help you increase your productivity, performance, sales, and profitability. We will offer you a $100 discount and an option to sign up for a $5000 grant to help you afford your seat in our online business growth and marketing coach program. The discount code, description of the course, and links to your business growth (pre-training requirements) can be found after you complete this e-Learning Course, Module 12.

Follow the instructions accompanying this program and log in to begin your advanced learning courses for greater business success. Decide right now that you will become one of the best and most effective business owners in your industry. You will complete this program and sign-up for the Advance Business Growth Coaching and Marketing Training, and you have the opportunity to sign up for additional coaching and consulting in a variety of success areas (Career Coaching, Health Coaching, High-Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, What is Greater Coaching). In the e-Learning Marketing System, watch the video lessons. Complete the exercises and then continually take action to gain more profits in your business and achieve more of your goals.

You are about to embark on a wonderful adventure and learn how to achieve all your personal, financial, and business goals in the exciting months and years ahead. Let\’s begin. READY, SET, LET’S GO!