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\"\"Walk to your nearest computer store and get yourself outfitted immediately. Fortunately, most of the bugs have been removed from the computer and the technology of the internet. It\’s now possible for children to set up websites and surf the world of information products and services. This can be one of the smartest things you do in starting and building a successful business practice, the corridor principle in a 13-year study at Babson College. Researchers conducted follow-up interviews with graduates of the entrepreneurship program to find out why some had started businesses after graduation and succeeded, and some had done nothing with their education. In almost every case, they found that the successful entrepreneurs had only one quality, then made them different from the others. They had launched their businesses with no guarantee of success. On the other hand, the failures were still waiting for everything to be just right before they started their businesses. And, of course, things will never be just right. If you wait for things to be right, you will wait forever. As successful entrepreneurs launched their new businesses in this study, they began moving along what they called a corridor as they moved down the business corridor. Doors open up on either side of them. That led them to new possibilities and new opportunities. They discovered that if they had not been moving forward toward their business goals, they would not have seen the doors opening up along the corridor. And in most cases, their business successes came in fields apart from where they had started. And with products or services that were completely different from the ones they had tried at the start.

Arsen Sweat Martin, the founder of Success magazine in 1895, once said that the two keys to business success are getting to activeness and sticking to activeness, doing your homework, making your plans, and then launching in the direction of your business goals. Everything else will take care of itself. If you wait until success is ensured before you start, you\’ll wait forever. Get the money you need when you start a business, you will need lots and lots of money. You will never have enough. This is why you must carefully guard your cash at all times. If you run out of cash, your business can die overnight.