Seven Action Exercises Or Questions:

Here are seven action exercises or questions that you can ask.

Number One. Resolve to spend 50 percent or more of your time on customer acquisition from now on. Make it a central focus of everyone in your business.

Number Two. Determine how much you are spending to buy customers and how much you can afford to spend.

Number Three. Test and measure every advertisement and method of promotion to be sure that it is free and that it pays for itself, in addition, you make a profit from the event.

Number Four. Analyze your selling process and be sure that everyone who deals with every lead or customer is thoroughly trained to convert as many leads as possible.

Number Five. Create a customer service policy and be sure that everyone in your company knows exactly what to do and say in every customer contact.

Number Six. Identify your most important competitive advantage, your unique selling proposition, and build all your advertising, promotion, and selling efforts around it.

Number Seven. Determine what you will have to do to get your customers to give you a 9 or 10 score on the question based on your experience with us. Would you recommend us to your friends and family if you do these things? You\’re going to have a fabulous future.

The better you understand the 7 Ps of the Marketing Mix which are the product that you offer, the price that you charge, the place at which you offer your services. The methods of promotion to get customers the packaging. The way it looks on the outside positioning, how you are thought about by your customers, and finally your people, the people who deal with your customers. As stated, before successful companies make the process of Strategic Planning a part of their business practice before the start of a business and revalidate those practices annually. In order to gain greater growth and success to dominate your competition it is critically important you under the strategic planning elements of specialization, differentiation, and segmentation to your products and services and to your customers and markets, you now have to do numbers for concentration.

Now that I have armed you up with the marketing basics, it is your responsibility to conduct the most efficient and effective business operation focused on marketing, selling, and providing outstanding customer service.

Remember this: The customer is always right. Rule number two If the customer is ever wrong, reread rule number one.

You have completed Module 4 of 12. I will see you again in Module 5