Seven Action Exercises – Winning The Hearts And Minds Of Your Customers

Now here are seven action exercises for you based on this lesson.

Number one. Determine your reputation in the marketplace today. What do people say about you, your business, and your products or services when they describe you to others? Do you know?

Number two. Decide upon the words that you want to own in your customer’s minds when your name is mentioned. What could you do to ensure that these words come to mind when customers think about you?

Number three. Determine your quality ranking in your business or industry on a scale of one to 10, with one being the highest. What is your quality score today?

Number four. What one action could you take or change? Could you make to begin improving your quality ranking? Remember that product quality or the service quality, plus the way that you treat the customers? How could you improve that by one point?

Number five. If your business were large, prosperous, and ideal in every way, how would people talk about it in comparison with your competitors? How would it be better than others?

Number six. What is your brand? What are the promises your customers expect you to keep when they buy from you?

Number seven. if your business were rated as the best in your industry, what would be different from the way your business is today? These are great questions and great food for thought.

You have completed Module 5 of 12. I will see you again in Module 6