Seven Ways To Increase Your Productivity

There are seven ways to increase your productivity every day. You must practice them over and over until they become automatic.
Number one. Do things faster. Pick up the pace. Develop a bias for action—a sense of urgency. A fast tempo is essential for success. Walk a little faster. Move a little faster and react a little more quickly to problems and opportunities. The faster you move, the more ground you cover, and the faster you move. The more you get done, the faster you move in. The more you get done, the better you get at your key tasks, the better you get, the more you get done simultaneously, the faster you move, and the more you get done, the more positive and motivated you will feel. All successful people are intensely action-oriented.

Number two. Work longer, harder hours. Start a little earlier. Work a little harder and stay a little later. If you start one hour before everyone else. Work through lunch and stay. One hour later, you will expand your workday by about three hours. These three extra hours alone will enable you to double your productivity, performance, output, and eventually your income. If you come in an hour earlier, you will beat the traffic on the way to work. If you stay an hour later, you will beat the traffic on the way home.
If you work through your lunch hour, you will not be interrupted. Altogether, you will have almost three hours of uninterrupted working time to get on top of your work and ahead of your responsibilities. It\’s been estimated that two extra hours of work each day will move you into the top 10 percent of your field within five years. And if you structure your day properly, you will not even notice the extra time you are putting in.

Number three. Do more important things. Some things that you do are worth five and ten times as much as other things that you do. Many things that you do in the course of the day are not worth anything. Fully 50 percent of working time is wasted, even by managers. It is lost in idle conversations with coworkers, personal telephone calls, personal business coming in late, leaving early, and wasting time at lunch and coffee breaks. But this is not for you! Focus all of your time and attention on your highest value activities. Those things that only you can do will make a real difference. Focus on your “A” tasks, those jobs with the greatest possible consequences. Always work on the most valuable use of your time, and you will easily double your output. Sometimes in as little as 24 hours. Increasing your productivity can be done easily by avoiding procrastination. Procrastination and not being focused on your tasks and goals will make you unproductive in business and life! High-performing business owners make learned to manage the same amount of time that everyone else has, but they maximize how they use their time.

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Number four. Do things that you are better at. You have special talents and skills based on education and experience that make you exceptional in certain ways. There are things that you can do quickly and easily that are difficult for other people. One of the ways to increase your productivity dramatically is to do those things that come naturally and easily to you. These are tasks that you can complete quickly and well, whereas others may take hours and not do as well at it.

Number five. Do things together. Use the power of synergy to get more done when several people work together on the same job. Each person does a small part of the job, so the group produces more than anyone member would do alone. Your ability as a business owner to develop a team of people who work together efficiently and effectively to produce and sell your products or services to your customers is the key to your growth and prosperity on the way to wealth.

Number six. Delegate and assign all lower-level tasks. Think continually about your hourly rate. How much do you intend to earn each hour? How much are you worth? Delegate all tasks to anyone who can work at a lower hourly rate than you. The ability to delegate effectively is one of the most important skills of business management. It requires time, thoughtfulness, and patience. When you learn to delegate the right tasks to the right people in the right way, which is a learnable skill, your productivity will surge.

Number seven. To eliminate all low-value or no-value activities. This technique can save the most time and improve productivity the most.

There\’s an old saying I cannot do all things, but I can do one thing. The most important thing, and I can do it now. Ruthlessly cut back or discontinue any task or activity that is not a high-value use of your time.

Remember, time is money.

Every hour you spend is the equivalent of spending your hourly rate, guarding your time jealously, and refusing to do things that do not contribute to your most important goals. Perhaps the most powerful word in time management is the word NO. If a task is not the most valuable use of your time, refuse to do it, delegate, outsource it, or eliminate it, whichever is appropriate, keep focused on the few things that only you can do that will make a real difference. Don\’t lose time on the things that make no difference at all. Single handle every task.