Two Positive Health Habits

Since the Alameda study was conducted, the life insurance industry has identified two additional positive health habits.
Number one. The first is wearing seat belts in your car to reduce the possibility of harm in a crash.

Number two. The second is deep breathing each day to improve your digestion and increase oxygen flow to your brain.

Deep breathing also causes you to relax, enabling you to drop into a state of alpha regularly. In fact, one of the very best ways to engage in the process of centering or calming your mind is to take a few moments before any event of importance and breathe deeply. Six or seven times deep breathing causes you to relax and makes you feel more confident. It causes you to feel more in control of yourself and the situation. It brings your inner world into better alignment with what is going on around you. Whenever you face a stressful situation, such as a sales call or business presentation, you can better prepare to deal with it by taking a few moments to breathe deeply before you say or do anything. When you prepare yourself in this way, your words and actions will be better considered and more effective than if you had just reacted to the situation.
You will feel more in balance, and the more you act as though you are in balance, the more it becomes a habit for you to behave in a more balanced way.

“Vince Lombardi once said Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”


When you are physically out of balance for any reason. When you\’re tired, or you\’ve eaten too much or too much of the wrong foods, it affects your emotions, your level of energy, and your reactions to situations around you. When you are in excellent health, well-rested, properly exercised, and have eaten the right foods. You\’re much more likely to perform at your best.


The second area of balance that is important to you is in your emotional life. How you feel emotionally has a dramatic impact on your physical body. The whole field of psychosomatic medicine deals with the impact of Psycho the mind on Soma the body. It shows that 80 to 90 percent of physical illnesses aren\’t mentally and emotionally induced. How can you tell if you are out of balance emotionally? It\’s easy. Just listen to your body and your emotions. Like a doctor, take a stethoscope to your life and listen intently to how you feel about how things are going on around you. When you are in balance, you feel calm, confident, relaxed, poised, and at peace with yourself and life. You feel unhappy, stressed, anxious, angry, resentful, negative, pessimistic, and depressed when you are out of balance. In each area of your life, you will have a different set of feelings. In some parts of your life, you\’ll be perfectly happy. You will feel uneasy, tense, and sometimes frustrated in other parts of your life.

Your job is to go through your life, like going through your closet, to throw out old clothes. And take the time to develop a strategy to deal with each part of your life that is detracting from your happiness. The normal and natural state of your body and your life is that of joy and laughter. People who have fully integrated personalities experience a sense of pleasure and joy in the things that happen in their lives. They have an optimistic attitude toward what is going on around them. They see the good points in each person and the situation they deal with.

“Like Will Rogers, the comedian. They say, I never met a man or a woman I didn\’t like.”