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1 bottle containing 120 capsules
Achieve the healthy body weight you want and maintain the stamina and energy you need to fuel your day. IDLife Lean is a high quality product designed to help boost your metabolism and increase thermogenesis. Lean also provides the nutrient support you need to fuel through an intense workout and support your weight management goals.*

What is the main purpose of Lean and why did IDLife develop it?

Lean was developed to combat Sarcopenia, which results in the loss of lean muscle mass. As people age, the body goes into a catabolic state and eats away lean muscle. IDLife developed this product to preserve that muscle. IDLife found that Lean also curbs sugar cravings and helps people burn more fat by boosting metabolism.*
Is it safe to take Lean while breastfeeding?

Consult your physician.

What is the difference of the Lean drink mix and the Lean capsules?

The lean drink mix and capsules are the same active formula you know and love. However, the difference is that 1 stick of lean drink mix is the equivalent to 4 lean capsules.

The bottle of Lean says I can take up to 8 a day, but I take less than that. Will it still be effective?

It is okay to take lower dosages; however, the product will be most effective with the recommended amount.

Can I split my Lean pills and take them at different times of the day, or should I take them all at once?

You can take it multiple times a day.

Lean keeps me awake at night. Why is this?

Everyone’s body chemistry is different. If you do experience this, it is recommended to instead take Lean during the day, an hour before a meal or a workout.


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